If you’re going to cross the desert, do it in style.

• Patrick Caulfield’s Pitcher depicts the object with the least amount of flat areas that still suggest three dimensionality. As a Pop artist, he stripped familiar objects of their sensuous qualities and transformed them into emblems. In this case, the pitcher is almost like a mirage seen in the desert, teasing us with the idea of solidity.

• The KTZ Spring 2013 Collection belongs to the desert gangster – think Arabian Nights with a dose of heavy metal.

• Ben Kafton’s Perspective Architecture is a screenprint with intersecting grids in black and red ink.

• Su’s Earrings are oxidized silver polygons tied to ear wires with red linen thread.

• Foxy’s Nomadic Necklace strings together half-moons filled with geometric enamel patterns.

• Toni’s Linocut is block printed with a geometric abstract design in black, gold, red, and terra cotta.

• Edu Barba’s Geometric Issue overlaps red and black triangles with different transparencies.

• Sarah Loertscher’s Earrings are architectural structures constructed from silver wire.

• B Kelly’s Tuareg Rings are inspired by the ones made by West African nomads.

• Kate Moore’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond is a color-blocked constellation of white lines.