No. 61

 Everything about Rothko resists definitive meaning – the fuzzy edges, limited palette, numbered canvases – and asks you to make up your own mind, in person. Here are a few answers to the open invitation.

• Paul Van Rij’s Blue on Blue seems to continue Mark Rothko’s No. 61’s abstract ocean.

• The Hien Le Fall 2013 Collection was inspired by the soft transitions between Rothko’s color panels.

• Topaz Turtle’s Resin Bangle balances diagonal blocks of blue and white.

• Elvia Perrin’s Destination 6 is an abstract etching made using copper plates to create a rich surface that resembles moving water.

• Jonesyinc’s Scarf combines cool shades of grey and blue linen.

• Miss Lina’s Clutch is made of navy blue and silver leather with a tassel attached to the zipper.

• Marta Sabate’s Resin Ring has a flat top with a finish that looks like crystal sugar.

• Fiona Pitkin’s Pillow creates subtle gradations of blues on velvet.

• Michele Grimson’s White Study is a Rothko-inspired painting that harmonizes blue, white, and green.

• Brittany Bly’s Earrings are miniature Rothkos, part of her series of earrings inspired by mid-century abstract painters.