Night of Fireflies

• For his Nebulae series Fabian Oefner created galaxies in a photography studio by taking long exposure shots of fibre glass lamps. All of his work exposes what the naked eye can’t see, and reveals how even the most ordinary materials become surreal landscapes at the micro level.

• Leopold’s Legolas Lamp has a tree-like structure with linking pieces that you can arrange in any way you want.

• Stacey’s Cassette Tape Lamp shines blue LED lights through a tower of cassette tapes.

• During this year’s Tokyo Hotaru festival, LED Fireflies floated down the Sumida river in honor of the real fireflies that lived there during the Edo period.

• Cory’s Pendant Light is wrapped in an image of distressed blue paint.

• Camille’s Sea of Light is an oil painting that resembles sea foam illuminated by moonlight.

• Miya Ando paid tribute to bioluminescence in Obon, a collection of phosphorescence-coated leaves floating in a pond. After they absorbed sunlight during the day, the leaves glowed blue at night.