Night Flights

With Halloween approaching, bats come to mind with associations of the mysterious and the macabre (at least in the Western sense).

Felted poncho knit kit • Fine and rare Art Deco enamelled glass bowl in a silver plated bronze mount in the form of three bats by Pierre D’Avesn.

Goya’s work is saturated with subtleties of a darker nature that express social criticisms through the richness and quality of his brushstrokes, his compositions, and a sense of the unexpected. Along with his paintings, he produced a series of etchings called Los Caprichos, one of which is called The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, where the sleeping figure is surrounded by bats and other creatures. He wrote on a preliminary drawing: “The author dreaming.  His one intention is to banish harmful beliefs commonly held and with this work of Caprichos to perpetuate the solid testimony of truth.” At this period of time, he was reading about the ideas of the French Revolution, which inspired him to present a symbolic criticism of Spanish society of the time, as it was gradually declining in the hands of the monarchy. From his position as court painter, he could make these observations, although he had to be careful not to make his opinions too apparent.

Bat on a spire’s finial on the Gaudi House in Barcelona, Spain • The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters by Francisco Goya • Bat Long Sleeve V Neck Shirt

19th-century Chinese Bound Feet Shoes • Chasing Bats (Fuku Tukushi), Japanese Meiji period print by Chikanobu Toyohara (1838-1912) • Small Imari Blue/White Sometsuke Dish from Japan. Late Edo period

Crystal Pav Skull Belt by Tarina Tarantino • Alexander Mcqueen floral skull print tee • Aztec turquoise skull on display at the British Museum

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