Natural Geometry

 Perhaps we’ve been looking for abstract art in all the wrong places. What about lagoons and tulip fields? Or rooms saturated with color? We’ve also picked out a few items that combine pink and orange particularly well.

• Ellsworth Kelly’s Orange Red Relief staggers two monochrome panels to create the most basic kind of relief. The simplicity of this internal relationship focuses your attention less on the painting itself and more on the architectural space around it.

• The Hutt Lagoon, photographed by Steve Back, looks like a pink monochrome painting, but it’s a real place off the coast of Western Australia. The concentration of algae produces the beta-carotene that makes the water so pink and protects the plants from the sun.

• Dutch still lifes take on a whole new look from above. The Neat Rows of purple, orange, and green are tulip fields, taken by Normann Szkop in the north of Holland.

• Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chromosaturation is an immersive experience of walking through a room saturated with three colors. Like abstract paintings come to life, these rooms single out color as a tangible part of the environment.

• Laura’s Pillow Cover combines bright red, pink, and orange squares in durable Sunbrella canvas.

• This Bag by Frau Lili is made of soft pink leather and a red suede handle that ties in the middle.

• Kaz Robertson’s Ring looks like a piece of candy with cream stripes covering a red square made of resin.

• Inese’s Wrap is made of slightly shimmering, coral pink mohair, and you can adjust it to be a shrug, scarf, or hat.

• Emma Lawrenson’s Opening is a screen printed window in geometric segments of orange, red, and pink.

• Szilvia Theia’s Necklace is a color-blocked wooden polygon, perfect for an abstract art lover.

• Ruth’s iPhone Case will make your phone resemble a berry popsicle, with stripes of red and pink.

• This Decorative Ball by Rainbow Origami is a complex structure made from red, pink, and cream paper with no adhesives to hold it together.