Movable Type

Continuing our fascination with printing processes (here’s our post on typewriters), we’ve selected a few items constructed from movable type.

• Dale Dunning’s Palimpsest is an an expressionless human mask covered with pieces of type, tightly packed in a random arrangement of letters.

• Hong Seon Jang’s Type City is a kind of monument to the New York Times, recreating the skyline of the city with pieces of type from an old printing press.

• These sets of Movable Type date back to around 1040 A.D. China, hundreds of years before Gutenberg set out to create his version.

• Rose Ledgard’s Typographical Print was made using wooden letterpress blocks in a way that hints at imperfect impressions.

• Nicole Monforti’s Pendant, Bracelet, and Keychain are tightly packed with recycled type pieces.

• This Poster Print by Going Underground recreates the New York City skyline with typography.

• Aardvarkonsea’s Manifesto Print channels patriotic typography with a reminder why we have to slow down in this frenetic world.

• Donna Fox’s Necklace is made of two vintage type pieces with the initials of your choice.

• Colette’s Poster reads “there is no end and no beginning” in raw letterpress type.