Moth Galaxies

Have you ever noticed the spiraling tendencies of moths and galaxies?

• Steve Irvine’s long exposure photograph captures the spiraling traces of Moth Trails around a floodlight on a summer night. In a similar way, his Wood Fired Vases absorb floating ash in the hot kiln, creating surfaces with unexpected patterns.

• Soraya Mesgarzadeh’s Loop Scarf is hand-dyed with dark orange galaxy space dust on black.

• Dushan’s Galaxy Print is a spiral of white smudges in space.

• Jake Vinson’s All Galaxies Are Spiral Galaxies is what an abstract expressionist sees in space.

• Xime-Ali’s Skirt is printed with real images of a starry night from NASA’s Hubble Telescope.

• Christina Steward’s Earrings combine three layers of nested copper discs.

• Lauren’s Snail Shell focuses on the camouflage pattern in a rich spectrum of browns.

• Jennifer Kahn’s Earrings are copper hoops covered with a red-orange flame patina.