Mosaic is one of the oldest forms of art and has changed relatively little in over five thousand years. Here are some ancient and modern variations.

• This Mosaic Floor Panel dates back to the second century and was excavated at Daphne, a resort destination in Turkey for wealthy and powerful Romans. The central figure is Spring, an eternal reminder that summer days are still ahead.

• This Mosaic Glass Bowl looks modern but it actually dates back to Hellenistic Greece, around the mid 1st century B.C. The network of loose spirals in opaque yellows and greens was meant to imitate onyx.

• Haroshi’s Cat Plant is a skateboarding feline made out of skateboards that are carved, painted, and polished into a tweed-like finish.

• Sirli’s Bowl is lined with a crisp mosaic of golden yellow tiles and mirror pieces.

• Debbie Martens’ Mirror has a wide rim densely packed with vintage jewelry, sea shells, and gems in golden tones.

• Rachel McKenna’s Wall Mosaic replicates part of the ancient mosaic Bird de Rinceau so that it meanders through slabs of elm. The wood varies in thickness and placement, giving the illusion that the mosaic comes alive in snake-like movement.

• Irene’s Ring is made out of uneven gold-plated circles, inspired by the mosaic floors found in Greek ruins.

• Alice Garrett’s Table covers the top of a mid-century table with interlocking mosaic plates.

• Natalie’s Candle Holder is made of stained glass pieces in golden earth tones which become even warmer when candlelight shines through.

• Jasmina’s Bowl has a mosaic pattern in bright orange and green squares.

• Maria Slojewska’s Mosaic is made of tiny golden ceramic pieces that suggest the faint outline of a face.