Modern, minimal design starts with the structures of molecules. Here are a few installations and small objects that recreate the elegant silhouettes of nature.

• Nuala O’Donovan’s Radiolaria series of porcelain sculptures were inspired by the complex structures of microscopic organisms.

• United Visual Artists created Fragment out of small octahedron frames forming one big octahedron. Patterns of white light come from within the structure, fragmenting your perception of the whole into illusory shapes.

• These Scarves by String Theory play around with geometric patterns in a palette of black and grey – perfect for a New Yorker or minimalist math genius.

• Lisa York’s Cuff has the molecular structure of Prozac etched into its surface.

• Aprimiao’s Pendant contains a cube within a cube.

• Jamie Spinello’s Earrings are made of aluminum hammered into shapes inspired by anatomy diagrams.

• Senri’s Picassa Earrings are polished sterling silver cubes – so simple and modern you will probably end up wearing them every day.

• Amanda’s Pendant forms the frame of a cube in sterling silver.

• Emily’s Ring is inspired by the molecular structure of serotonin, the hormone that makes you happy.

• This Necklace by Aroha Silhouettes suspends the elegant shape of the hallucinogenic drug DMT.

• Brett’s Pendant is a three dimensional grid hand-made in solid silver.