Model Zen

• Constantin Brancusi made several versions of Mlle Pogany. These two are his first attempts at capturing the essential form of Margit Pogany, a young art student who visited Brancusi’s studio to pose for the sculpture. Looking back on her experience with Brancusi, she noted how many times Brancusi modeled the sculpture in clay, threw it away, and started over. He was interested in simplifying, not abstracting, her most distinctive expressions and gestures.

• Watch Brett Albury style the tribal hair at Alistair Trung’s Spring 2011 show.

Tamaki Niime’s Shawls are made using saki-zome, a technique that dates back to 1792 and requires dyeing the thread before weaving it.

• The Floating Zen Double Vanity by Puffin Design is a modern interpretation of the Wabi Sabi aesthetic, which emphasizes the beauty of asymmetry and imperfection.

• This Zen Armchair by designer Rafael Morgan recreates the posture of a meditating monk in lightweight aluminum.

• Although Brancusi was intensely focused on the features of one model, the sculpture is a universal representation of human form. It resembles the serenity of a Buddha statue, the stylized features of Cycladic sculpture, and a multitude of other sources.

• Meital’s Zen Cuff Bracelet is just a simple sterling silver band with a slightly sparkling matte finish.

• ZOUi’s Off Shoulder Tank Top features a unique, abstract design that resembles  dabs of paint in all shades of blue.

• Nicole Addison’s Sterling Silver Pea Pod Pendant was made by casting a real plant and includes an intricate Byzantine chain.

• Meredith’s Zen Raku Sculpture represents two balanced figures based on abstract bird and flower forms.