Mirror Mirror

These mirrored surfaces don’t always show you a true reflection, but they’re infinitely more fun.

• Thilo Frank’s The Phoenix is Closer than it Appears is a small room that expands once you go inside. Sounds like something from Alice in Wonderland, doesn’t it? The inside is lined with mirrors that make the four walls look like they’re receding into infinity. You can watch yourself swing with all of your multiplied selves.

• Marco Chaves’ Buddisco gives the ancient seated figure a bit of glitz and glam.

• This Climbing Wall, located in a fitness club in Tokyo, transforms rock climbing into a surrealist fantasy with mirror frames, bird cages, and flower vases as the grips.

• Martina’s Necklace suspends a reflective piece of sterling silver form a knotted leather cord.

• These Spheres by Mosaic Madness are covered with a mosaic of mirror pieces and blue stained glass. This Mirror is made up of broken pieces of a mirror that her friend’s cat broke.

• Messicakes’ Mirror Sculpture is a composition of overlapping mirror squares and rectangles, creating reflections that double as abstract art.

• Lucie Veilleux’s Ring frames a moonstone in softly curving sterling silver.

• Lisa Fair’s Mirror is composed of four square mirrors set in steel frames.

• Elizabeth’s Mackenzie Necklace suspends a tiny silver cube from a fine silver chain.

• This Necklace by Pendant 13 is made of highly polished aluminum in a minimal pillow shape.