Memories of a Cherry Blossom

With my fan
I mime sipping sake–shaded by
Falling cherry blossom.
– Bashô

• Gary Hume’s Cherry Blossom is pre-mixed paint floating on an aluminum panel. He expunges any trace of depth, of field and meaning, so that the blossom floats on the surface like a near-abstract stencil.

• David Wiseman’s Cherry Blossom Branches are candlesticks surrounded by twisting bronze branches and porcelain blossoms.

• Darren Almond’s Sakura Chart #0.09 records the lushness and light-to-pink axis of looking at a cherry blossom branch during one particular moment.

• Thuy-Ai’s Earrings suspend pink paper hearts that resemble fallen cherry blossoms.

• Maiko Girl’s Cuff is covered with silver kimono fabric that has a subtle cherry blossom design.

• Liga Kandele’s Scarf is made of pale purple silk chiffon hand-painted with a flurry of cherry blossoms.

• Topaz Turtle’s Ring is made of translucent lilac resin with two flat sides to fit comfortably between your fingers.

• Kelly’s Necklace frames a cherry blossom tree, made of fuchsia crystals and sterling silver branches, in a round pendant.

• Yevgenia’s Tea Set includes a pot and two cups painted with cherry blossom branches wrapping around the white ceramic sides.

• Heather Lange’s Note Cards are hand-painted with cherry blossoms.

• Lili’s Bracelet combines three tiers of beads in powder rose, bronze, and splattered brown with pink.