Memento Mori

• Turkish illustrator Ali Gulec creates digital collages that render skulls in Victorian dress, botanicals, machine parts, and Lace.

• The Devastee Fall 2012 Collection was high fashion’s answer to Halloween: skulls, ghosts, and frightening makeup incorporated into a sleek and minimal aesthetic.

• Alexandra’s Keith Richards Ring takes inspiration from the musician, who has worn a skull ring since the ‘70s.

• Have you ever seen an octopus blend into its surroundings? Katsuyo Aoki’s Porcelain Skulls look like a highly complex arrangement of octopus tentacles.

• This Skulls Clutch by Bijou Tresor is completely covered in skulls made of Swarovski crystals.

• For a more understated accessory, try Michelle’s Baby Skull Ring.

• Joshua’s Skull Sculpture is an open filigree structure made using 3D laser printing.