Market day

The only time I will miss those sticky summer days in the city will be when I remember ripe tomatoes and vibrant greens. Surveying the stalls at the Union Square Farmer’s Market for the most twisted-looking heirloom tomatoes, sweetest and smallest strawberries, and the most colorful garden flowers, one returns to old favorites such as the Body & Soul* stand with their baked goods while at the stand next to it, finds types of lettuce and chili peppers that they’ve never heard of. Market days are almost overflowing with summer fruit and people wishing to quench their thirst with some cold mint cider. The organic salad leaves are works of art in themselves, and the strawberries and blueberries are gone within minutes, leaving those fleeting memories of summer all the more sweet.

* They sell a three berry loaf that is great when sliced with some cream cheese and cilantro.

Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren inspired by the intense tomato-red color

Photos by Katrina