Luxury Goods

The Met’s Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity exhibit is a feast of paintings and fashion we wouldn’t miss. Here is a small selection of taupey items inspired by one of Monet’s portraits on view.

• Claude Monet’s Madame Louis Joachim Gaudibert is really about how her Indian paisley shawl wraps around her gray silk faille day dress. Monet deliberately focuses on the pattern and texture of clothing to avoid the convention of the face in portraiture as a “window into the soul.” This is a moment in 1868, and that shawl would soon fall out of fashion. Monet’s efforts to systematically eliminate narrative content in favor of the everyday and ephemeral carried on into his later work. The silk folds trail off the edge of the canvas, just as his water lilies knew no boundaries.

• Sara Byrne’s Portraits are multiple exposure photographs that fill up the face with clouds, fir trees, roses, and other impressions from nature.

• Pani Jurek’s Test Tube Chandelier is a Duchampian mix of nature and science which allows you to experiment with different plant configurations.

• Kim’s Cuff is made of solid brass etched with flowers and painted with a royal palette of red and blue.

• The Isabeau Necklace by the Snowshoe Rabbit suspends an antique skeleton key, wrapped with pearls, from a handwoven cord dotted with sterling silver beads.

• Diane Flanagan’s Antique Brass depicts the rich patina of a pot in a manner reminiscent of Chardin’s quiet still-lifes.

• Mikel Grant’s Cuff is made of oxidized brass with a rippling, feathery pattern.

• Aklia Chinn’s Asyk Pendant is a kind of necklace traditionally given to Turkmen women for good luck.

• Tammy Ward’s Flower has petals made of chocolatey-taupe silk.

• This Pillow has a stylized floral pattern in pumpkin, gray, and cream.

• Anna’s Favy Necklace suspends a brass pendant, inspired by the cellular structure of plants, from a sterling silver chain.