Enjoying the Ice near a Town by Hendrick Avercamp, c. 1620; Knitwear by Alexander McQueen
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Above the smooth, opaque surface of the frozen lake, thin blades of steel bisect shadows of human and horse flesh, wrapped in fabrics that dissolve into abstract patterns on ice. I pull the carpet closer, careful not to let the curtain tassels touch the ground. The horse takes a sharp turn, sending sparks of ice into the dark, fluid depths of a hole cut ten centimeters deep and twenty wide. They fish and we race. Pale yellow light gives the man’s green coat a sickly tint. He rests the tip of his axe, eyes piercing through my emerald fur, white leopard collar, and embroidered gloves, with the look of a man appraising fresh caught sea bass. The hat amuses him. Stripes of silver and ivory florals sit on a rose canvas just a touch dustier than the horse’s feathered plume. The stiff sugar cake slips sideways on my head and I want his floppy, damp cap. Darts of chill air infiltrate the sides of my nose, half-covered by the black satin mask that hides my embarrassed cheeks. I blush easily, even in the cold.

Enjoying the Ice near a Town by Hendrick Avercamp, c. 1620; Coat by Hermes
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The smell of starched linen lingers after the skater rushes past, through a gaggle of idle ladies, sidestepping one gentleman aligning his undergarments with no attempt at stealth, and into a pocket of clear ice. One hand behind his back, opposite leg lifted in the air, the skater creates a long shadow that mingles with streaks of red. She’s watching me, he thinks. Her grey veil floats alongside flushed cheeks I’m used to seeing set in finer frames. A young widow, perhaps, eager to outpace the horse struggling against its heavy gold harness. I watch my own breath fade and reappear, more rapidly now, as I escape her gaze and lean into my stride.