Living Green

• In Phyllis Galembo’s photograph of an Atam Masquerader from Nigeria, the costume transforms its wearer into part of the forest. The luscious green headdress cascades down into the ground, while the rough texture of tree bark matches the masquerader’s body suit.

• Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens take advantage of the many types of plants that grow on vertical surfaces in the wild. In big cities, his living tapestries could purify the air and transform concrete jungle into real ones.

• If Patrick Blanc hasn’t covered your building with a garden (yet), start small with Teresa’s Fern Terrarium and Mike’s Woodland Terrarium.

• For greenery that’s a little more low maintenance, consider Stevie and Dan’s Ruler Box Kit, which comes with succulents and pea gravel.

• Sally’s Silk Cushion is covered with the bright green leaves of a Robinia tree.

• Naomi’s Necklace frames a fern leaf, pressed between two panes of glass, in a window pendant.