Lightning in a Bottle

The wild tendrils of a lighting storm are impressive in person, but we’ve selected some items that give you a jolt of electric energy in more placid weather.

• These Lichtenberg Figures by Stoneridge Engineering are blocks of acrylic that suspend the traces of a discharged electricity cloud. It is, literally, a small lighting storm in a box.

• Jessica Lloyd-Jones’ Electric Lungs is part of her series of blown glass lights that take the shape of human organs. Here, xenon gas spreads through the tree-like passageways to draw awareness to the trace gases we breathe in every day.

• Martin Rietze’s photographs of Volcanic Lightning captures a lightning storm occurring among the smoke and ash of the Sakurajima volcano in Japan.

• Tammy Warnock’s photograph of Lightning is a long exposure of a spectacular storm over Apache Lake, Arizona.

• Dan and Michaela’s Pendant is made of cobalt borosilicate glass with blue loops that look like waves of energy.

• Michele Banks’ Blue Batik Neurons is a watercolor of brain cells that could also be water reflecting the sun.

• Kellet Atkinson’s Lightning Bolt captures a storm over Emerald Isle, NC.

• Caylan MacAlpine’s Jacket is made of dark blue wool with lightning bolts running down the back.

• Suzy Sweet’s Sea Algae print is an antique scientific illustration that’s been digitally enhanced and placed on an ivory background.

• Cheryl Sorg’s Breathe is a collage of lungs constructed from snippets of cloud and sky images.

• Marcy Garris’ Leggings have electric blue lighting bolts on shiny black spandex.