Leopard Skin

When in doubt, look to the big cats.

• This Leopard Head dates back to the seventeenth to nineteenth century and was used as part of a masquerade costume by a high-ranking chief of the Owo group. The skin is made of ivory with spots of inlaid coconut shell and dark wood.

• The Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2013 Couture Collection was inspired by big cats and David Bowie, turning potentially tacky sources into sublime displays of texture and print.

• This Foot Warmer would have traveled with a wealthy French woman in her carriage or automobile.

• Steve Riley’s Ring is made of gold with black rhodium spots.

• Morado’s Clutch is made of leopard print leather and has a removable brass chain strap.

• Umpie’s Carpet Bag is covered with leopard print tapestry and lined with linen chintz.

• Eden Tran’s Cuff is a peyote stitch of seed beads and crystals in a leopard print.

• Maynard’s Hat is a large leopard print saucer embellished with a black quill.

• Victoria Varga’s Cufflinks frame silver leopard print inlaid with coppery pigments.

• SwedArt’s Bracelet weaves a braid of silver and crystals through a band of leopard print leather.

• Luna’s Evening Bag has a leopard print surface made entirely of crystals.