There’s more than one way to tell a story.

• Kristy Mitchell’s The Storyteller captures a bibliophile’s dream – a throne made of books tumbling into a field of lilacs.

• Miler Lagos’ Pie de Amigo is an arc of architecture books, tilting precariously with one pencil in each.

• Rune Guneriussen’s Stack of Books stands on a beach in Norway, waiting for a gust of wind to send its neat structure into chaos.

• Veska Abad’s Red Sun is an old book transformed into a flaming sunset with pages suspended in dramatic curls.

• Christine Rozina’s Book Sculpture creates a vase shape with black and white pages.

• Malena’s Paper Sculpture is a knot made out of twisting squares of book paper.

• 88 Editions’ Think is a poem found in an old geography book, with the unwanted words painted over.

• Job Limbert’s Altered Book is a wildlife encyclopedia cut out to reveal an abstract image that resembles rivers running through a jungle.

• Lisa Occhipinti’s Bookmobile is a cascade of looped pages from an old book filled with drawings of birds, beetles, and bones.

• Aesthetikara’s Book Sculpture is made of neatly folded pages from a Chinese classic.

• Nickliovich’s Salvaged Book Sculpture is an intricate maze of folded pages that look like lush vegetation.