Jump in the Water

If you’re nowhere near the clear waters of a tropical paradise, we’ve got other kinds of cool blues.

• The ultramarine blue of Mary’s dress in Jan Van Eyck’s The Annunciation comes courtesy of crushed lapis lazuli bonded with oil. But the blue doesn’t stay only in the folds of fabric. Van Eyck put touches of it in the stained glass windows, a subtle effect that makes the room look like it’s filled with natural sunlight.

• Katrín Sigurðardóttir’s Foundation for the Venice Biennale this year was a platform covered in Baroque tiles that livened up what used to be the laundry room of a palazzo.

• This Bowl dates back to 1st century B.C. and could be either Greek or Roman in origin. Despite its condition, the translucent cobalt blue is as vivid as the Mediterranean sea.

• Dawn Johnson’s Dinnerware Set includes a bowl and two plates glazed honey brown and matte blue.

• Vagabond’s Daughter’s Scarf is made of habotai silk shibori dyed to look like waves crashing into the shore.

• Nick Suen’s Scarf is Hagzhou silk hand-dyed in a cloud blue pattern.

• Rene Sprattling’s Bowls have a wave-like shape and blue glaze that resemble moving water.

• Julia Paul’s Cups have unique markings of brown glaze wandering through blue.

• Dianne McFarlane’s Brooch is a bouquet of blue enamel flowers on stainless steel.

• Banou’s Ring covers a sterling silver band with shimmering blue resin.

• Miriam’s Bowl has a slate blue glaze and lattice pattern carved into its surface.