Jewelry, naturally

Ana Hagopian’s cascading grapevines, petals, poppies, and tulips seem to transcend their fabric construction to both embody their natural forms and exist as vibrant artistic melodies. They are spontaneous enough to be worn only by the most confident yet lively enough to be desired by everyone. Most of all, they appear as though they were found on a vine, tree branch, or plucked from a grass field. The Capuxines rings or Bugamvilia earrings are little creations that look like souvenirs from a colorful morning’s walk.

Ana Hagopian

Nature photography by Katrina

Mari Ishikawa’s work, on the other hand, looks like it came from the careful thought process of the elements. The silver rings are assemblages of a fallen leaf, a thin branch, and the binding force of the wind and rain. The brooches, gold or silver, are gloriously tangled with an artistic irregularity that is unrestricted from conscious regulations. They are all subtle, smiling indications of the perfectly imperfect forms of nature.

Dorothea Dähnickare’s creations are more immediate reminders of verdant greens, and evoke the same happiness one gets after finding a young leaf saturated with clean dew or a particularly successful day at the farmer’s market. Her freshly picked pearl-with-leaf pieces are effortless and ephemeral, living at the peak of midsummer. They are inherently elegant with a sense of fresh, fluent humor, such as one strand of grass delicately looped with two small pearl touches at the tip.