Inhale Exhale

Slow down and relax. We’ve put together some items to help you get into a meditative state.

• Wang Zi Won’s Buddhas are made of slick and separated limbs that move in a repetitive motion. Rather than seeing technology and spirituality at odds, Wang visualizes their coexistence. In a way, obsessively checking your phone or whatever social network you’re addicted to is a ritual. Not praying to the minimalist ethos of Apple is unthinkable.

• This Buddha could not be more different. It dates back to late 4th century China, just when Buddhism was starting to pick up there. Once covered in gold, the statue is now worn enough for the bronze to show through. The deliciously speckled effect is reminiscent of Tawaraya Sotatsu’s poem cards, which had loose brushstrokes of ink on gilded paper.

• Ran Hwang’s Empty Me is an eagle and hen made from thousands of white buttons, beads, and pins, held together by thread. She likens the long and repetitive process of making these works to meditation. By taking ordinary objects associated with the hectic and ever-changing world of fashion, she creates an ironic contrast with the final image.

• Jackson Willow’s Zen Garden is made of cherry wood and comes with a bag of sand that you can rake for some healthy distraction.

• This Incense Holder by Mozak na paši has a floral motif imprinted on its warm golden surface.

• This Lamp by Light the Earth is a piece of honeycomb calcite that emits a golden glow when lit.

• WiL Labelle’s Wine Cups is made of wheel thrown stoneware covered in loose spirals and circles.

• Jesse Meyer’s Fish Garden Sculpture is designed to look like there are metal fish swimming among your bushes and flowers.

• These Candles by Rincon del Caracol are made of pure beeswax and are perfect for meditation.