In the Dark

Looking for treasure in the form of silver and glass bubbles?

• Hengki Koentjoro’s Slope and Whalerider capture the dark, still waters around Jakarta, Indonesia. His dreamlike vision is like the darker counterpart to Gregory Colbert’s underwater photography.

• Mihoko Ogaki’s Breath is part of her Milky Way series of sculptures that form human figures out of a constellation of LED lights.

• Penelope Rakov’s Ring is covered with a glass murrini pattern of white dots on blue.

• Kenneth Byrd’s Chandelier is a cluster of handblown glass bubbles suspended from a gold cord.

• Larissa Blokhuis’ Glass Sculpture resembles tunicates, a type of sea creature that filters water through its body.

• Valerie Brown’s Pendant is made of sterling silver with a rippling pattern that looks like sand after the tide runs through it.

• Johnny B. Wilde’s Earrings are tiny clusters of sterling silver bubbles painted with a pearly sheen.

• László Balassa’s Dark Sea is an ominous snapshot of underwater bubbles.

• Elias Cosindas’ Diving Woman captures the play of light underwater and jellyfish-like bubbles.

• Lori Perez’s Ring has cluster of bubbles on a sterling silver band.