• Hiroshi Senju’s Waterfall paintings depict cosmic events with humble materials. He works on mulberry paper and uses natural pigments derived from seashells, minerals, and coral.

• Olafur Eliasson’s Beauty asks you to look for rainbows in mist. Each instance of finding one is unique, and depends on your position relative to the droplets of water and light.

• Teresita Fernandez’ Blind Blue Landscape is an ocean of fifteen thousand glass cubes that reflect the outside world and merge with it.

• Lori’s Earrings are waterfalls of delicate sterling silver chains.

• Anne’s Pendant is a softly curving square of silver with a surface that moves like a waterfall.

• Ame’s Necklace sparkles with a cascade of cubic zirconia stones.

• Charlene’s Crush is an archival photograph of a waterfall that appears covered in a painterly haze.

• Ann’s Tea Bowl embodies the irregular and crackled beauty of wabi sabi, with loose brushwork of a waterfall and landscape.