Green Leaves

In a previous post, we put together work that looks like dew but is made of crystal and glass. Here, we’ve selected foliage in the form of fabric, leather, clay, and even sugar.

• Mika Barr’s Folding A-Part series are sculptural fabrics that resemble the veins and uneven surface of leaves. She screen-prints the fabric with rigid material that allows it to hold its shape.

• These Plant for the Planet illustrations are elegant reminders that trees absorb carbon emissions.

• These Leaf Letters allow you to write your message on the back of a leaf, fold it into an envelope shape, and send it off.

• Azuma Makoto’s Collapsible Leaves are sculptures made out of tightly folded leaves that, from a distance, look like lush foliage cut straight from nature.

• Jill Harrell’s Shoulder Bag is made of slouchy green suede and a brown leather strap.

• Kristin Perkins’ Earrings are glowing green droplets suspended from sterling silver wire.

• Dalia Shamir’s Pendant combines two leaves with blue and green resin framed in silver.

• Jeff Campana’s Tumbler has a glossy pale green glaze and gently curving seams, as if it was made of folded leaves. Take a look at his other ceramic pieces that strike the perfect balance between strictly controlled form and the organic fluidity of plants.

• This iPad Case by Sakatan Leather looks like a slick palm leaf.

• This Cloche Hat from Baubles and Whatnots is handmade from olive green wool and accented with top-stitched leaves.

• Pat McWhorter’s Leaf is part of a series of paintings that examine the abstract quality of leaves up-close.

• Jason and Andie’s Edible Foliage is a collection of leaves in different shapes and shades of green, all made from chocolate.