• Wealth, power, luxury: it’s all in A Goldsmith in His Shop by fifteenth century Flemish painter Petrus Christus. The painting displays the craft of the goldsmiths’ guild, kind of like an advertisement for what you could get if you had as much wealth as this fashionable couple. They are choosing a wedding ring, but in the back you can see coral, crystal, broches, rings, and other luxury goods. The painting itself is an advertisement for the skill of Petrus Christus, who was a master of depicting realistic details at the miniature level. The mirror reflects the street with another couple waiting, falcon in hand.

Now, meet the modern-day goldsmiths.

• Iris Harpaz’ Mobile Earrings are made of solid 22k gold.

• Meital’s Large Gold Lace Earrings have an intricate basket weave pattern in 14k yellow gold.

• Adam Foster’s Diamond Starburst Constellation Ring has diamond-set starbursts carved into yellow gold and a line of diamonds curving around the edge.

• Joelle’s Stacking Rings are skinny, polished, and come in a set of twelve.

• Michelle Chang’s Baby Skull Ring comes in gold, silver, and with or without diamond eyes.