Golden Ratio

• Andrea Russo’s Catenae Stellarum shines golden light through paper folded in an intricate geometric pattern. She notes that it’s “nothing impossible, nothing new” which is perhaps one of the best descriptions of an artwork, ever. The combination of light and paper creates an effect like a cross between stained glass and a honeycomb. If you look closely, you can see tiny pencil marks within each of the seven larger hexagons that are miniature maps of the whole design.

• Alejandra’s Ring layers copper and sterling silver circles, with bolt accents like planets in orbit.

• Sue’s Bracelet holds together a hammered silver ring with a dark brown leather strap.

• Devi’s Necklace suspends a spiral of woven hemp cord and silk thread from strings of wooden beads.

• Emma Kunz’ Grid Drawings weave geometric patterns into graph paper with colored pencils.

• Emily’s Fruit Bowl has a rich toffee color and a subtle golden-green glaze dripping down into its center.

• Rosy’s Book Sculpture transforms an old book into a stunning folded flower, without cutting any pages.

• Judy’s Scarf is a knit zig-zag spiral in shimmering tones of beige to brown.