Gold Leaf

• Finding Donna Ruffs Frieze works is like happening upon an ancient wall with some of its splendor still intact. Her compositions and uneven edges appear accidental, but she meticulously burns gold leaf to create intricate, lace-like patterns, playing with destruction as creative.

• Soo’s Gold Band has a subtly hammered surface and uneven edges.

• The Cure for Greed injection kit by Dutch artist Diddo is an extravagant contradiction. The kit promises to cure greed, and yet it contains a gold-plated syringe and eau de money made by blending and boiling ten thousand dollars.

• Marja’s Gold Oval Earrings have a textured surface that looks like a delicate accordion.

• Maria’s Metamorphosis Earrings are a stylized interpretation of swinging cocoons ready to transform.

• Jennifer’s Gold on White is an abstract work with gold paint that resembles a freshly pressed seal.

• Emily’s Pendant has pressed lines on its sterling silver surface reminiscent of wood grain.

• Jodi’s Necklace strings together pieces of untreated pyrite that have the quality of ancient gold.

• The Carolina Herrera Spring 2013 Collection embroidered crisp white jackets with shimmering golf-leaf embroidery.