Glass House

When blown glass takes on a life of its own…

• Luke Jerram’s Glass Microbiology series recreates deadly viruses out of glass. Their structures are stunning yet sinister, like snowflakes gone to the dark side.

• Ritsue Mishima’s Luna interprets the moon’s craters in swirling rivers of glass.

• Thaddeus Wolfe’s Assemblage Vases look like towers of melting ice cubes, but they are made of glass cast in a plaster silica mold that results in unexpected and unique forms.

• Larissa Blokhuis’ Sea Cucumber is one of her deep sea creatures made of glass.

• This Vessel by Avolie Glass has a textured, flame-like surface tinted golden amber.

• Jan’s Sea Grass extend their glass tendrils in shades of pink and plum.

• Joy’s Mid Century Sculpture layers panels of glass with different color tints and textures.

• This Moonshine Bottle by Pablo Glass has a shimmering white surface wrapped in green coils.

• Michael Sparks’ Vase covers hand-blown glass with painterly strokes of gold, green, and purple.

• Ilaria Sadun’s Waterfall is a cascade of rings made from recycled bottle glass.