Girl with Cherries

So we grow together
Like to a double cherry, seeming parted
But yet a union in partition;
Two lovely berries moulded on one stem.
– Midsummer Night’s Dream

• The Girl With Cherries gets her half-smile and elegant hands from Leonardo, though the painting itself is attributed to one of his followers. The symbolism might be Biblical, but it’s more likely that it leans towards Greek myth. The female followers of Dionysus wore ivy wreaths around their heads, just like the girl in the painting. Perhaps this is a Renaissance version of a wild child Maenad.

• Paulette Tavormina’s Red Cherries and Plums is a photograph carefully constructed to resemble this Still Life by seventeenth century painter Giovanna Garzoni. Note the similar Chinese porcelain plates.

• What a pity that these kinds of cherry-ful Stockings are no longer in fashion. We’d have to go back to 1870 to see them in action.

• Leroy Coleman Jr.’s Bowl is made of maple wood with a cherry red resin rim.

• Coldwater Canyon’s Cherries are pickled in tarragon, peppercorn, and bay leaf for a rich flavor perfect with meats and cheeses.

• These Vegan Cherries are maraschinos covered in milk or white chocolate.

• Mary’s Bowl is made of cherry red fused glass.

• Julie’s Cheesecake Fudge is a decadent combination of cherry preserves, dark chocolate and Oreo crust.

• Mary Laskey’s Stacking Rings are four bands of sterling silver topped with delicious drops of cherry red, orange, yellow, and burgundy.

• Suraya’s Earrings are bundles of red and pink gems crocheted and knit with dark red thread.

• Charlie Michelle’s Truffles condense black forest cake into one luxurious bite.