Girl With A Fan

There is something a little too nice about Renoir. No violence, no politics, no poverty, just Impressionism in its most gentle, sugary-sweet interpretation. His work was once shocking because he dared to represent reality with a few dabs of paint. The hazy brushstrokes captured moments that looked like they were never fully-formed to begin with. Once he had found his style, he didn’t continue to push the envelope, and it paid off, in a sense. His paintings sold well and he lived to see them exhibited in national museums around the world. He painted portraits of well-to-do families, giving him a reputation and an income. Was he a sell-out? Perhaps, considering that the more experimental painters of the day are now worth more. Renoir was radical in the sense that he painted the surface of everyday bourgeois life. Girl with a Fan (1879) is just a rich girl with nice jewelry, flowers, and an oriental fan.

• Pillow Cover by Arianna
• Classic Round Gold Earrings by Mariam-Kanoku
• Necklace by Jeanie Schlegel
• Crocheted bracelet by Desislava Dimitrova