Girl on the Moon

• László Moholy-Nagy’s Olly and Dolly Sisters places a girl on the moon, her face obscured by a black dot and legs crossed under a plumed skirt. The collage looks minimal and slightly surreal. The Dolly Sisters, pictured below, were identical twins who performed in Vaudeville and the Zigfeld Follies during the 1910s. Moholy-Nagy takes a recognizable image, a celebrity, and removes their most precious assets: their face and the stage.

Exhibited at the 2012 Roppongi Art Night in Tokyo, Floating Instrument looks like a planetary system descended on a park. The orbs remain white during the day but change colors at night.

• Eden’s Pool is an abstract black ink painting of dripping orbs.

• Beth’s Earrings connect two circular strips of oxidized sterling silver which can be turned to create a three-dimensional sphere.

• Miwa’s Cusp of Lust is a ring that nests two semi-spheres of oxidized silver.

• Tika’s Succulent Planters each have a unique surface and resemble cracked dinosaur eggs.

• This Capsule by Plodes Studio is a stainless steel sphere perfect for holding your valuables on your journey to the moon.

• Adrienne’s Ring frames a green peridot with two etched bowls made of silver.

• Laura’s Ring holds black onyx and crystal spheres between a bent sheet of sterling silver.

• Andrea’s Necklace suspends two black beads that are capped with a silver dome.