Footsteps in the Snow

• Simon Beck creates Snow Quilts one step at a time, walking in raquettes to create intricate geometric patterns. Armed with a compass and measuring tape, Beck sets out near his home in the French Alps and spends around ten hours completing each design.

• This Necklace by Olympias suspends a hand-carved silver disk from a string of white jasper beads.

• Fink’s Dress is made using cream-colored cotton printed with the artist’s original design, a loose net-like pattern.

• Kaitryne’s Necklace is a sterling silver snowball hanging from delicate silver chain.

• Yasuaki Onishi’s Reverse of Volume leaves the faintest traces of its existence. His installation, made from translucent plastic sheeting, black glue, and fishing line, resembles ancient Chinese ink paintings of mountain landscapes.

• Leili’s Platter has an organic, uneven shape and a celestial splatter of black dots across its white surface.

• Summer’s Earrings combine two 3D printed sunbursts to create a moire effect in motion.