Flying pigs

“Thinking again?” the Duchess asked, with another dig of her sharp little chin.
“I’ve a right to think,” said Alice sharply, for she was beginning to feel a little worried.
“Just about as much right,” said the Duchess, “as pigs have to fly….”

— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Flying pigs might not be such an improbable phenomenon, as the duchess might think. Perhaps you yourself might want to do as Lord Brabazon did in 1909, when he was the first to take his pig on a flight in the back of his airplane, possibly making it the first live cargo in history. Take that, Duchess.

From May 14 to October 31, 2000, Cincinnati, Ohio hosted the Big Pig Gig, a large-scale event in which local artists decorated fiberglass “flying pig” statues and displayed them throughout the downtown area.

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