Flower Child

• Kathy Klein’s Danmalas (the giver of flower garlands in Sanskrit) arrange petals, fruit, and leaves into luscious mandalas. She creates and photographs her work in nature, and sells the prints here.

• Susanna Star’s Hypnotic layers sheets of brightly colored mylar, cut out with lace-like patterns, to create a kaleidoscopic sculpture.

• Sarah Walker’s Spiderpool resembles a neuron saturated with abstract patterns.

• Amelia Graham’s Prints have a saturated quality similar to the work of Mary Katrantzou. Her work stands out on iPhone cases, which you can get here.

• Andrea’s Earrings are big buttons covered in fabric with a funky pattern.

• Heidi’s Mandala Tile has a mesmerizing blue lattice on white.

• Manola’s Decorative Plate has an intricate geometric and floral pattern.

• Stephanie’s Seahorse Mandala displays coral, seashells, and sea creatures in perfect symmetry.

Bruce’s Ice Mandala is a rich pattern in smoky shades of blue, red, and golden yellow.

• Rowena’s Mandala Clutch paints a burgundy and teal starburst on lightly gridded silk.