Floating Pigments

What do marbled paper, textured fabric, and petrified rock have in common?

• This Petrified Crystal is a cross section of a log located in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park. During the Late Triassic period (when dinosaurs began to evolve), trees that were submerged in the river channels were buried by volcanic ash. Traces of silica from the ash mixed with groundwater to gradually create the rainbow colored quartz crystals that replaced the wood.

• Marit Fujiwara’s Wound Collection walks a fine line between grotesque flesh and dazzling rock formations, all with the skillful manipulation of fabric and stitching.

• Josefina Concha’s Cuerpo Zurcido III does what Van Gogh’s brushstrokes did to painting – intensifies color and form with texture. The richness of her sewing evokes the clay landscapes of the Southwest colored by bloody sunsets.

• Danielle Byrd’s Scarf is made of silk habotai marbled with creamy pink, blue and yellow.

• Rosanna Corrò’s Journal frames panels of gold-tinted tissue paper with black bookbinding cloth. Her Bag is made of varnished cardboard covered with coral pink marbled paper.

• Natalie Stopka’s Scarf is hand marbled in a pattern that resembles spiraling water tinged with pink and gray.

• This Marbled Cotton by Vansant Designs is a surreal landscape of peacock plumes floating between fiery red and black.

• Mark Campbell’s Bowl has a rust-red and light pink marbled pattern created with slips while the clay was still wet.

• João and Raquel’s Notebooks are bound by heavy recycled paper marbled with archival ink in muted, organic patterns.

• Betul Senguler’s Turkish Ebru Paper is a set of 6 marbled sheets in spectacular patterns that give Pollock a run for his money.