Today we’re looking at red folds, stitched together by paper, fabric, metal, and clay.

• Rana Begum’s No.244b is a modern echo of the decorative patterns found in Islamic art. Both the panels and tiles that covered vast areas of Islamic architecture and Begum’s self-contained sculptures explore the infinite possibilities of basic geometry.

• The Bottega Veneta Fall 2013 Collection intensified neat, crisp tailoring with a dark red felted pattern that looks like ink dissolving in water.

• Lisa Rodden’s Small Blossom suggests a flaming red painting under white paper cut-outs.

• This Necklace by HaKNiK suspends a cascade of origami petals made from red leather.

• Sabrina Weight’s Scarf is a triangle knit color blocked in lime green and neon red.

• Emily’s Pillow is hand-printed with fragmented red-orange triangles.

• Eri’s Necklace frames two red petals with a string of small white coral beads.

• Alexander’s Red Cuboid print is part of his series of geometric graphics.

• David’s Necklace fills stainless steel triangles with red-tinted concrete and crushed glass.

• Jenna Decker’s Tote Bag has a playful geometric design printed with eco-friendly red and green ink.

• The Modern Art Shop’s Cassius is an abstract print of converging red curves.