Felt Forest

• For his series Baumschule, photographer Gerco de Ruijter took aerial shots of tree nurseries and grid forests in the Netherlands, mapping the intersection between nature, functionality, and abstraction. Natural forms become part of abstract compositions when organized according to the interests of functional farming. De Ruijter looks at landscape photography from a distance, testing the limits of what we identify as natural.

• Jonathan Saunders’ Benedict Top arranges a natural palette of earth tones in a strict geometric pattern.

• Charlotte’s Christmas Tree is made from tiers of blue or green felt, making it a perfectly whimsical alternative to the real thing.

• Diane’s Placemats have a quilted pattern of white christmas trees against a bright green background.

• Ellen’s Green Scarf is soft and long enough to form a loose bow.

• Elena & Ieva’s Tree Ornaments are made of natural linen with hand-embroidered accents.

• Jandi’s Tree Trio is a forest from different angles block printed on Japanese rice paper.

• Anna’s Christmas Tree is made entirely from green and red felt balls.

• This Tree House designed by Belgian architects is a house literally build around a tree trunk that pokes through the roof.