Extended Recording

What does a frying pan have to do with an abstract photogram? Burning, exposing, incising, scraping, scratching. Contemporary photographer Marco Breuer inflicts these violent acts onto photographic paper. Christopher Jonassen’s series Devour records the surfaces of worn out frying pans.

• Marco Breuer, Untitled, 2012, chromogenic paper (burned)
• Christopher Jonassen, Devour series

Breuer and Jonassen defy the expectation that photography captures distinct moments in time with the click of a camera. Breuer seeks out antiquated processes, establishing a dialogue with the history of photography as a series of technical developments. His photograms are evidence of damage that is both destructive and creative. Johanssen’s frying pans reveal the history of their use, but also become planets, galaxies, and loaves of crusty bread. Scraping a pan or a piece of chromogenic paper, both artists bridge the gap between abstraction and basic, everyday actions.

• Marco Breuer, Early Light, 2008, chromogenic paper (exposed)
• Christopher Jonassen, Devour series