Encyclopedia Imperfecta

Or, A
Arts and Sciences,
Compiled Upon A New Plan.
In Which
The different Sciences and Arts are divided into
Selected Layers of Images;
The various Technical Terms, etc. are never explained as they occur
in the order of the Alphabet.
Illustrated with Faces, Maps, Generals, Greek Gods, and Roosters.
By a Society of Paper Carvers in Bristol.
In One Volume.
Vol. I.

• DISASTER: the aftermath of removing one book from a wall of 40,000.

• FEATHER: one possible object to frame inside an antique book.

• WHALE: the wooden canvas for a hunting expedition.

• SAXIDOMUS GIGANTEUS: the latin name for a butter clam shell, commonly used as a front and back cover for palm-sized books.

• ACCORDION: the shape of folded book pages fanned out on a wall.

• PUMPKIN: a roundabout way of reading if made with pages of a book.

• LANDSCAPE: what cuts through a book if the story is particularly vivid.