Earth Day Series: Circuit City

Counting down to Earth Day on April 22, we’re dedicating the next few posts to art that gives new life to discarded objects and promotes a greener approach to living. Check out our previous post on recycled plastic. This post focuses on art made of old computer parts.

• Nick Genry’s Public Domain is a portrait composed of floppy disks, lightly painted to merge skin with obsolete media.

• Franco Recchia’s Cities are made of old computers parts found among trash or given to the artist. The smooth metal and circuit boards have an uncanny resemblance to dense clusters of skyscrapers and high rises.

• Murilo Melo’s Posters for a Brazilian gym provide motivation to get off your butt with parts of the devices that prevent it from moving.

• Techcycled’s Keychain are made of capacitors and resistors in all colors of the rainbow. Her Cufflinks are tiny prototyping boards with sine waves of colorful resistors.

• This Pendant by Periwinkle Dzyns is a ladder of resistors wrapped in a metal frame.

• Aris Gev’s Ring frames a round piece of blue circuit board in brass. His Clock uses a blue motherboard as the base that resembles a city viewed from above at night. His Bracelet is made of a rectangular piece of yellow circuit board attached to a green waxed thread.

• Yaroslav and Natalka’s Necklace is made of a resin-covered circuit board piece that looks like a tiny abstract painting.

• Amber Anderson’s Necklace suspends a random computer part from an aluminum cable chain.