Don Juan in Hell

It’s plain, black and white, can’t you see?

• Alex Konahin’s Skull is stuffed with a lush forest of filigrees and leaves, all drawn with black ink and patience.

• Mary O’Malley’s Hanging Garden depicts a perfectly symmetrical canopy of silver plants, branches, honeycomb, and birds.

• The Manish Arora Fall 2013 Collection included a concentrated dose of Art Deco patterns, their crisp black and white edges topped with a decadent fur collar.

• Adele Abide’s Elephant is part of her elaborately tattooed menagerie drawn in Indian ink.

• Natalie Crema’s Ink Drawing resembles the cross-section of a fantastical plant under the microscope.

• Rose Lortie’s Nature is an ink drawing that condenses spider webs and plant textures in one flower-like structure.

• Terry C’s Plate is a freehand pen and ink drawing that repeats a decorative pattern with remarkable precision.

• Matt Carison’s Flower Ball is a dense tangle of vine and flower silhouettes.

• Queenie’s Beneath the Surface depicts an iceberg of fractured geometric shapes.

• Cathy’s Circles is a dizzying collection of overlapping medallions.

• M. Scott’s Pen Drawing depicts a dynamic constellation in black ink.