Disappearing Act

• If Cartier-Bresson had the decisive moment, André Kertész had something closer to the overlooked moment, the ordinary event that becomes inexplicable in a photograph. Disappearing Act, a pair of legs running up stairs, is intriguing  and mysterious, like a circus act in broad daylight.

• Adam Cornish’s Trinity bowl creates an optical effect similar to many of Kertész’ still lifes.

• Gritt’s Beanie is a slouchy knit with a black-and-white stripe pattern.

• Martina’s Striped Leggings have delicate white stitching and sheer panels.

• Dyna & John’s Bowl is hand painted with a dizzying spiral of black dots.

• This Dress by HC Studio alternates black and sheer white cotton panels.

• Michael’s Pen & Ink Drawing creates shimmering movement from simple geometry.

• Kurt’s Black & White Spiral captures the subtle gradations and depth of a staircase in a Budapest church.