the color of dew
is but an unblemished white -
how is it that this
one hue can dye the leaves of
autumn trees a thousand shades
– Fujiwara no Toshiyuki (ca. 900)

• Kohei Nawa’s PixCell-Deer#24 is a taxidermied deer covered with glass spheres of different sizes. It was part of a recent exhibition at the Met about the Rinpa School, situated among scrolls and sculptures that dated back hundreds of years. The contrast was sharp and surprising in the dim light, but Nawa tied his work conceptually to a type of religious painting that depicts the deer as the messenger of Shinto deities. With its head turning back slightly, the deer looks like it’s covered in dew.

• Alyson Shotz’ Allusion of Gravity is a suspended web of clear glass beads strung on steel wire, as if the ground beneath a sprinkling of dew was removed to reveal how the dewdrops have settled.

• Ondrej Pakan’s Hypnotism captures an insect wearing a crown made of pearls.

• Melissa Schmidt’s Necklace suspends gold and silver glass baubles, covered with a rich texture of tiny dots.

• Susan Smith’s Paperweight is made of clear glass with pockets of air trapped inside that reflect and refract light.

• Nicholas Lewis’ Morning Dew is a photograph of golden and rust orange light hitting droplets and creating dramatic shadows.

• AG Ambroult’s Bouquet Earrings are clusters of tiny domes in oxidized or matte silver.

• Holly Fann’s Earrings are extravagant gold baubles set with Swarovski crystals.

• Desiree’s Necklace suspends hand-blown glass beads from a brass cable chain.

• Katharena Rentumis’ Glass Sphere is covered with ivory and sky blue dots.

• Amanda Lockrow’s Ring frames a textured golden button in sterling silver.