Dark Side of the Moon

Circles or dots? Who will win? Don’t get in the middle of this fight or you may end up with a black eye.

• Rui Chafes’ Extinguish My Eyes is a steel sculpture impenetrable in meaning and material.

• William Klein’s Dorothy Juggling White Light Balls reflects his approach of seeking out ambiguity in the form of blurs, grain, high contrast, and accident. Although these elements are more pronounced in his street shots, his work for Vogue went against the precise and glossy style of mainstream fashion photography in the 1950s and 60s. Here the white light looks like dabs of paint extending the pattern of her dress.

• Yayoi Kusama’s Stars is just a field of dots on a flat canvas, but if you look long enough, the dots become a dense field of stars reaching deep into space. She views dots as cubic and circles as flat and “controlled by rational human minds.” Dots are “infinity. Moon, stars, and people – we are made of dots.”

• Nadja Mueller’s Black Circle has a wavering edge you can get lost in exploring.

• Aliquid’s Necklace combines chains of crocheted rings in gray, white, and black, accented with a white raku button.

• Cathy Chhetri’s Inner Circle depicts a dizzying spiral of spirals in pen and ink.

• Omar’s Earrings suspend black and white circles made of sterling silver.

• Vorsicht Glas’ Bag is made of black felt with a silver circle applique surrounded by a stitched spiral.

• This Paper Cutout by Bold Folds frames black spirals and waves against a white background.

• Andreas Schiffler’s Earrings are classic hoops made of oxidized silver.

• Bobbi Jo Simons’ Pendant is made of nested circles made of resin backed with sterling silver.