Daily Walks with Diane Varner

A good traveler has no fixed plans
and is not intent upon arriving.
A good artist lets his intuition
lead him wherever it wants.

— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

The casual photographer, both an artist and a traveler, lets nature reveal its endless compositions. He doesn’t rush or look for ways to impress, because he knows that what he seeks is already there. He knows that what he captures reflects a glimpse into what cannot be described in words, so he continues his unassuming travels.
Diane Varner assuages my general disinterest in fashion, conceptual, or forced photography with pictures that document her daily walks on the Northern California coastline and mountain trails. Her work offers the implicit nature of trees, moss, leaves, birds, and the delicate surface of the water as a different world not too far away from our own.