Count Down

Can you tell we never payed attention in math class?

• Olaf Holzapfel’s 15/27 displays numbers through folded layers of Plexiglass, tinted with blues and purples that give it the quality of shimmering water.

• Jack Stauffacher’s Wooden Letters and The Rebel Albert Camus are descendants of the Constructivist collages of the late 1910s and 20s.

• Joe & Renee DeLeon’s Number Three is filled with an abstract painting of blue, black, and yellow brushstrokes. Their Black Numbers are a dense cluster inspired by Mad Men.

• Claudia Varosio’s Typographic Poster is a black-and-white retro design inspired by the movie Groundhog Day.

• Wendy’s Numbers Collage is a scattered mix of different typographic styles in blue.

• Magalerie’s Number 8 is a photograph taken in Marseillan in the South of France.

• Sarah’s Numbers Poster is a cluster of nine available in different color configurations.

• Jaroslav Seibert’s No. 6 has a worn, vintage feel offset by the bright blue and red contrast.

• Michael and Katie’s Numbers Poster displays the elegant curves of your lucky number.