Coral Reef

There’s an underwater museum you can visit in Mexico, but for now we’ve put together our own exhibit of specimens that remind us of coral.

• David Trubridge’s Lightshade is made of bamboo plywood pieces interlocking in a geometric polyhedron reminiscent of coral.

• The Museo Subacuático de Arte, or MUSA, covers the sea floor of the waters surrounding Cancun and Isla Mujeres with hundreds of sculptures. The most frequent visitors are various forms of marine life that inhabit the sculptures, which also function as a complex reef system. The Museum aims to support and recover the natural reefs.

• The Great Star Coral inhabits the Caribbean seas where it falls pray to the Crown of Thorns starfish. I think an HBO series is in order.

• This Plate by Owl’s Glade is made of porcelain polyps that look like fossilized coral.

• Floyd Heberer’s Sea Shells are made of matte white ceramic and clustered in a fan shape.

• Sarah Whittle’s Brooch is a bundle of cotton and silk threads hand-stitched in a barnacle-like texture.

• Esther and Estella’s Ring frames a barnacle, found on the beach in Turkey, on a wavy silver base.

• This Brooch by The Lint Balloon is a bundle of white felt coral, embroidered barnacles, and beaded sea urchins.

• This Nautilus by Vortex Glass Works is a lampworked glass spiral with a swirling  pattern of orange and beige.

• Casey Sharpe’s Bracelet is made of beige embroidery thread and sterling silver barnacles reminiscent of washed up bones encrusted with sea life.

• Kaitlind Marek’s Necklace is made of nickel wire, twisted in the shape of fan coral, and tiny turquoise beads.