Constellation Decoration

• The bull inhabits a page from an anthology of Persian poetry, painted in ink, watercolor, and gold in the fourteenth century. The story follows a figure as the Moon entering the houses of the Zodiac. Iranian artists and astronomers derived representations of the signs from ancient Greek symbols.

• Linda Kozloff-Turner will customize the Zodiac Ring to your sign with the appropriate metal and stone combination, arranged in the pattern of that constellation.

• Sue Nixon’s Aries Zodiac Pillow is part of her collection of pillows with applique signs.

• Naomi Tratar’s Zodiac Necklace features a sterling silver pendant with the Aries symbol and fiery red stone.

• The bowl with Zodiac signs, painted in thirteenth century Iran, depicts figures, calligraphy, and the twelve signs of the Zodiac circling around the edge. Many objects of the medieval Islamic world were covered with astrological symbols, which were thought to give the objects the qualities associated with each sign.

• Kelka’s Zodiac Earrings suspend a striking silhouette of the Capricorn symbol from long gold loops.

• Jamie’s Celestial Variation Cuff has unique abstract designs of planetary systems etched into copper.

• Susan Sarantos’ Taurus Necklace hangs a pendant with the sign’s symbol from a sterling silver chain.


Adagio’s Zodiac Tea Collection gives each sign its own unique blend. Our favorites are the Cancer and Capricorn teas.